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WhoIs databases contain information relating to a domain name namely nameserver information, contact information, status, registration and expiration dates. A whois utility like the one found on our site allows a user to query for a particular domain name and then display the information returned for it.

Is WhoIs lookup different from a DNS lookup?

Yes. Whois lookup gives information relating to the domain's information like the nameservers, owner's information, registration dates. DNS lookup gives information relating to the addresses of the site, the MX records etc.

What is Domain redemption period?

Domain Redemption period is a 30-45 day period after a domain has been deleted because of failure to renew the domain name. During the redemption period, the domain is not available to be registered. Only the owner of the domain name can initiate the renewal of the domain. This process of renewal is generally more expensive than the actual renewal that registrars charge. This period is one last chance for the owner to retain ownership of the domain before being available in the pool of domains for registering.

What is Pending delete status of a domain?

Pending delete is a 5 day period during which the domain is not available for either registration or renewal. At the end of this 5 day period, the domain becomes available to the public for registration.


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Features of DNSgoodies.com WhoIs:

  • WhoIs lookup for almost all country code Top Level Domains (TLDs).
  • Ability to perform IP WhoIs. Enter a valid IP address and perform a IP whois query.
  • Some of the major TLDs supported are:

    .com, .net, .org, .biz, .us, .edu, .info, .ch, .aero, .int and many many more

Features of Extended WhoIs utility:

  • Ability to view thumbnails of website (if available)
  • View Website title, description and keywords
  • Ability to determine what kind of server site is hosted on. For example, you can determine, if the site is being hosted in windows environment or linux environment
  • Perform a basic WhoIs lookup on the domain name and give the important information like Owner, Status, Date Created, Expiration Date, Registrar and contact email address.
  • Alexa/Amazon Host information including website populaity trend and other related sites.
  • Lookup the SSL information for the domain name. If SSL is found, then returns the creation and expiration dates along with issuee's information.
  • Looks up other top TLDs available for the same domain namely: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us