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Usage Policy

DNSgoodies.com is a free service provided for system administrators and everyone else to use to get pertinent DNS information and run other tests like Open Relay Check, Spam Database Lookup, Whois, Ping etc.

However, while you are free to use the service on an As-Is basis, we have to limit the number of WhoIs queries made during a day from your IP address. This number cannot be disclosed but based on our survey, it is more than sufficient for the general public. We had to implement this to avoid automated tools and scripts from doing WhoIs lookups to harvest email addresses. Should you perform more WhoIs queries than the daily limit, your IP address will be banned from performing any further WhoIs queries for 24hrs. If you really need to have a higher volume capability, then please email us at dnsgoodies@dnsgoodies.com and give us a reason also as to why you need more volume. During this time period of ban, you can continue to use our other DNS utilites.

DNSgoodies.com also does not hold any responsibility for the query results displayed. You should interpret the results at your own risk and DNSgoodies.com does not hold any liability for incorrect query results.


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