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Q. Is DNSgoodies.com free to use?

Ans. YES. DNSgoodies.com is a free service. There is no charge to using this site as long as it is used for non-commercial purposes. We strongly discourage the use of automated scripts that try to take advantage of this service.

Q. The site returned a message saying that I have been banned for 24hrs. Why is that?

Ans. While we have tried our best to provide this service with few limitations, we are aware that there are a few people who would abuse the WhoIs utility, namely harvesting email addresses. Therefore, we have a parameter that tracks the IP address and the number of WhoIs queries made from that IP address during the day. This parameter is adequate for most people so most users will not be affected. Also, you are only banned for 24hrs from making Whois queries. During this time, you can continue to make other DNS queries with no problems.

Q. I would like to make more queries during a day without getting banned. Can you help me?

Ans. Yes. If you feel that you have a legible reason for making more queries during a day, then please send an email to dnsgoodies@dnsgoodies.com requesting so and also please provide your reasoning & IP address. We will then add you to our whitelist. However, should anyone take abuse this, then they will be permanently banned.

Q. I would like to email the results to myself. However, i am afraid that my email address will be stored.

Ans. Spamming is a major problem and we understand every users concern about giving away email addresses. However, none of the email addresses entered on this site are stored. They are discarded after the entry is made.

Q. Can i link my site to your utilities?

Ans. We always welcome linking your site to ours.

Q. Would you sell this utility source code to us?

Ans. No. This utility is provided as a free service and we do not intend to sell the code for commercial purposes.


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